Can't See Any Service Providers in Settings

I’m following this guide and got stuck at this step:

In the Service providers section, click the plug icon next to Amazon Web Services.

When I click “Service providers” from Docker Cloud settings, nothing happens. Also, browsing through the settings page and doing a find, there’s nothing about Service providers on the page.

Why can’t I see the “Service provider” features?


I am having an exact same issue.

following this

arriving at this section: In the Service providers section, click the plug icon next to Amazon Web Services

each time i select Service Providers nothing happened.

can anybody assist please

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I am also having the same issue. From Docker Cloud Settings, I only see the menu option to click on for Service Providers, but no section appears that allows me to add a link to my Service Provider.

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The same for me.
There is an error in browser console
Unhandled rejection ActionableError: cannot GET (404)

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Same issue, I cannot complete the docker tutorial

Im stuck here too. No Service providers are listed to link to, yet the documentation shows them in the Account settings. Has anyone else found a work around?

I tried on two different computers, using Chrome and Safari… no luck.

Looking at the web console, I get this error…

api/billing/v3/account/richintheusa/credits/:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I am having the same problem.

Here is the reason why:
The services on Docker Cloud that provide application, node, and swarm cluster management will be shutting down on May 21.