No space left on device issue for android docker

my Docker files reside in and i’m trying to build my main Docker image in the Docker file was bigger with more system images but it keep on getting failed due to insufficient space, i can’t find anywhere what’s the size limitation if any, if i try to build the image on my ubuntu 15.04 it works, but here i get no space left…
this is why i have several tags each tag adds a bit more like NDK, appium and even more system images but it’s a bad behavior in my opinion.
why can’t android update sdk --all --no-ui just work ? i can filter some stuff yeah ,but in general i want it working.

BTW trying to install NDK r10e and r10d together didn’t work as well, got no space left on device too.

any way to resolve it ? is it bug in your platform or is it a bug in docker ? if i take the Dockerfile and build it locally then commit and push the image will it work ? if that’s a temp solution instead of automated build it’s acceptable by me.