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Build No space left on device

build fails
Windows 10 host
Latest version

I’m building an image, I decided to split the image into 2 stages, and now I’m running out of space.
Yes I have free space on the host, and i run docker system prune -f often.

  1. Is is possible to share the magic runes to add to the daemon.json config C:\Users<username>.docker\daemon.json?
  2. Is it possible to just pass an arg to the builder instead?

It’s a large image, i have most of the android tool on the image, but it’s not huge, so why am I struggling?

Had to delete all images.

I am using ubuntu as a base, for images, so I have some large ones, that I had to delete. They take up more than you realize. But would still like to know how to configure the max image size for future (Windows hosted)