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No such image, docker swarm

(Stellarcreed) #1


I have a problem with swarm. It says “No such image: alpine:latest”

My step by step actions:

docker-machine create node1
docker-machine create node2
docker-machine  ssh node1
docker swarm init
docker swarm init --advertise-addr

inside node2:

docker swarm join --token SWMTKN-1-3lxkdkoowhfb4e6ko2228hw4y34bjb14x3bcx0o6zf494m6fpj-7dkpb466rsbnrifzvk03yvctl

inside node1:

docker service create --replicas 3 alpine ping

then it shows me:

overall progress: 0 out of 3 tasks 
1/3: No such image: alpine:latest 
2/3: No such image: alpine:latest 
3/3: No such image: alpine:latest

blinks for 1 second:

1/3: preparing [=================================>                 ] 
2/3: preparing [=================================>                 ] 
3/3: preparing [=================================>                 ] 

and again “No such image”.

i dont have any problem with internet connection or speed. And if i do control ^ C and
docker service ls

i see 0/3 replicas but image is alpine:latest

I have docker version 18.06.0-ce

I have this issue only inside a node. Outsidedocker service crate work fine

Any ideas ?