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Office 2016 Installation and Activation

(Pillepalle) #1

I´m relatively new to Docker. I succeeded in installing MS Office 2016 in a microsoft/windowsservercore image. I used the silent install. Configuration was done via setup.exe /admin option and corresponding MSP file. The installation seemed to be successful according to the log. The configured product key was installed, too.

Now when I check the activation status in powershell with cscript.exe ospp.vbs /dstatus the installation is not activated.

Activation with cscript.exe ospp.vbs /act fails with an error code 0xD0000034. Searching for this error, it seems that this issue appears while activating Windows itself.

We need an Office installation with Word and Proofing Tools because we would like to run a service which instantiates Word processes and generates documents.

Any experiences with installing MS Office and activating it in a docker container/image?

Thank you.

Best regards,

(Pillepalle) #2

Any experiences with that?