Options for deploying docker in an airgapped enviroment


I have a requirement where I want to install Docker Desktop on Windows 10 PC in an isolated network.
I know I can leverage the offline exe for the installation on the remote machine. But as it’s an isolated network, I would not be able to login to that machine from the licensing perspective.

So, I am looking for guidance on the options available for me to install and use Docker Desktop on the said machine and still be compliant from the licensing perspective.


You don’t need to log in to Docker Desktop unless you want to access Docker Hub and the features that Docker Hub supports. As far as I know the license doesn’t depend on whether you logged in or not, but you obviously can’t use features that requires internet access. If you have a company that needs a subscription, it will need it regardless of logging in or not.

If you need to move images that is basically docker save and docker load. It was a common question so you can also search for “airgapped” on the forum to find more topics and also search for the commands I mentioned.