Redistibute Docker Desktop to Customers


We as a company has now Docker Subscriptions for our developers so they can use Docker Desktop.

When we develop software for our customers and we ship a IPC (Industrial PC) with Docker Desktop installed. Is this allowed, as we have a subscription?

Can we just install Docker Desktop and run our application there? For the customer it’s like a black box and we operate the application for him.

Or does he also need a license if he is >250 employees, …?

I am not from the Docker Staff and definitely not from the legal department but here is what I think.

I don’t think you could ship the whole PC with Docker Destkop if you also need to be logged in, because the subscription is yours and not belongs to the customers. Docker Desktop was not intended to be a server, but let’s say, you keep those PCs in your environment at the company I don’t know if there is any regulation that forbids using Docker Desktop as a server. Probably not.

If you don’t need to be logged in on that shipped PC, then that Docker Desktop is just a regular Docker Desktop. If the customer is a company having more than 250 employees or requres subscription for some other reason, then the customer needs a subscription.

Do those applications really depend on Docker Desktop? Couldn’t you develop it on Docker Desktop and ship with the Open Source Docker on Linux?

Thank you Akos. This also what I thought.

We usually install a lot equipment to our customers. Usually, big machines, some PLCs, some servers and IPCs with HMI (Touch Screen) where Windows and some GUI software is installed. Yes, the idea was to not login.

Do those applications really depend on Docker Desktop? → This is also I would suggest, just to install Docker Engine & Docker CLI or podman to make it work. Or just install docker in the WSL2 and run it from there.

Many thanks. There was just nothing written in the Terms & Conditions about it.

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Hi, do you have any updates on this query? We are facing a similar issue. Thanks in advance!!