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Output clipped, log limit 1MiB reached

I’m using docker desktop for Mac 3.2.2.

Using docker-compose up to build images (I assume this is an underlying docker build issue), the way log output is written to the console has become totally unusable. It used to display all log output for each build step, by scrolling the entire console window. Now, it only shows the log output within 6 lines, and scrolls within those 6 lines. Then, when so much log output has occurred, it shows [output clipped, log limit 1MiB reached] and NO FUTHER LOGS ARE DISPLAYED. I have been searching and haven’t found a way to increase the log limit. Even if I could increase the log limit, the way the log output is limited to 6 lines in the console still makes it unusable. Why was this change made??

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With the key link provided by @Luke Deluccia, this is what worked for me.

docker buildx create --use --name larger_log --driver-opt env.BUILDKIT_STEP_LOG_MAX_SIZE=50000000
docker buildx build --progress plain .
This creates a buildx instance, and sets buildx to use the instance when building. This did not clip the logs during the build process.

I have the same problem when using docker build with DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 , but I don’t want to use buildx, since it’s an experimental feature and I’m in a production environment.

I think there must be (or should be) a way to configure this directly even when using stable commands.

Opened an issue at (WSL2) docker build “output clipped, log limit 1MiB reached” · Issue #42261 · moby/moby (, for reference.

Feel free to +1 if you want it to get some attention.

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