Paid up organization no longer allows push image, and disallows create private repo with billing showing available


One of our organizations has just started to have the following issues which we believe are related, the org is showing up as paid up.

  1. When we try to push an image to the org it fails with denied requested access to the resource is denied
  2. The billing shows that there are available private repos but when go to create repo it shows that there are none.

We have checked

  1. The organization is paid up, the account is paid up
  2. Other organizations work on their repos, and the main account works on its repos
  3. We have tried from different accounts that have permission to the repo and all fail.
  4. We changed the amount of repos we had in billing for that org to see if that impacted but no change.

We are blocked on this :frowning:

Thanks in advance