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Docker Hub - Can't access premium features after the subscription being paid

I’ve already contacted the support team on Tuesday but I didn’t receive any response.

I’ve subscribed to Docker Hub - Team Annual on Nov 24 on my organization (mojagazetkateam), but still I cannot access premium features (e.g. I can’t create private repositories in my organization and can’t add more users to my organization).

In the Billing/Plan section I can’t see anything:

However, in the Billing/Billing History section I can see my payment (the ammount has also been taken from my bank account).

Could you please check it out and find a solution?

I would be grateful if you could get it done today as we need access to premium features immediately.

I’m waiting for a response.

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Exactly the same problem here! I contacted support 1 week ago (two times) and still no reply… It’s funny because the “Team pricing plan” description says “E-mail Support” as an extra feature, but it’s just not true. I am quite disappointed right now after having paid $300.