Painfully slow!

Im using docker on my mac for a while now and till a few days ago it ran decently fast(i know is slower on mac than on linux), but now it is just painfully slow. Calling docker-compose up --build on my projects used to take a few seconds, but now it reaches the minute milestone, even more. What can cause all this, where/what can i check ?
I’m using Docker for MAC version 17.03.1-ce-mac5

@twisted1919 do you use volumes ?

Yes i am, and i understand volumes are slow on mac, but still, this used to be way faster than it is now. Now it’s just awful, takes more than 1 minute from the moment i enter docker-compose up --build till the moment the containers are ready, whereas it used to take only a few seconds, under 10.

Here’s the issue and the fix:

Had the same issue today, I’ve discovered that most docker slow build issues are caused by having some big folders in root dir, even that not ADD, COPY, here is solution how to found big dirs with ncdu and exclude them in .dockerignore


This fixed my issue , I moved my big files from /root to /home and its better now.