Please delete my account

How is it, that we still have no option to delete our accounts on I’ve been searching so much for an option to delete my account since i won’t be using docker anytime soon anymore. I want my account deleted, and instead of just deleting my account, i want people here to have the option to request a deletion of their accounts without having to create an entire “topic” to make it happen.

Hi. is based on Discourse which does support deleting your user account as long as you don’t have posts or just one. I couldn’t find the documentation, but I found this discussion:

If you couldn’t delete your account that might be because you had a some posts before, although you requested to delete them as well. The delete button normally should be on the “Preferences” tab of your user profile. I found it on the Kubernetes forum where I don’t have only one post there and nobody replied to it.

We don’t usualy delete accounts unless they are spam accounts and I don’t remember if anyone requested it in the last couple of years. Maybe one user, but I’m not sure. Notifications can be disabled if that is why you want to delete your account, but if you really want to delete it so all your data could be deleted including your email address, please confirm that you want that and we will delete your account.

I didn’t want to do that yet since you couldn’t respond to my message without a user.

Hello again. So i didn’t see any option to delete my account even before i had anything posted (unless deleted and therefore unlisted posts count) and i don’t know what i can do if it is supposed to be there. Indeed, i do want my account deleted, not only to declutter my many unused accounts on the web, but also to ensure that no personal data is left behind where it isn’t necessary.
Also, i don’t know how it works on servers, but if it makes sense to ask: how are posts by inactive (or even dead) accounts handled? Would the accounts clutter the databanks as users “leave” the site, or is there a better way to go about it that is being used?

That is exactly what I was referring to

Forum moderators can see deleted topics and restore them if needed. I assume when the user is deleted too, these posts disappear completely.

It looks like Discourse also has a “Permanent delete” feature which is not enabled by default

I don’t see this permanent delete option so it must be disabled, therefore we can only soft-delete or (I guess) ask the discourse staff to permanently delete specific posts or ask them to enable this oterwise dangerous feature.

I didn’t know about this until today, but now we can start a discussion with moderators and Docker staff members about this feature.

We will also discuss what happens after deleting accounts, but if I remember correctly deleted accounts are not recoverable. The following discourse topic seems to confirm it

We will get back to you when we know more.

That’s good to know. I guess i’ll just leave my account unattended for now.