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Plex inside a container

So, I have PLEX running inside a container using Docker-Compose on an Ubuntu Server 18.04. Docker Version 18.09.03.

I can access the PLEX server using the internet on all devices on my LAN. However I have an older SMART TV (Samsung) that doesn’t have the PLEX app nor is their a PLEX app that will run on it and I can’t access PLEX as I can when I run a stand alone PLEX server.

Let me explain.

When I use my stand alone PLEX server I can access the PLEX on my TV by going through the “Sources” menu. It shows up as a Network source. However, when I shutdown the stand alone server and run the server within the container, I can’t find the PLEX server in the Sources selections.

I suspect it has something to do with the way Docker sets up the neworks, but I don’t have enough information to check that out or to confirm my suspicions or resolve this issue.

So, any help about how to trouble shoot this situation would be greatly appreciated.


Hi :slight_smile:

I guess your TV uses DLNA to see plex, and for that to work you need to “open” more ports to the docker, see here which ones:

How does your run command / compoes file look for the plex server?

Thanks. I had those ports already open. What I found is that DLNA is not forwardable from a bridged network. So I had to use “network_mode: host” in my compose file. Once I did that the plex server shows up find.
I do seem to have one other problem however. After about 10 minutes of running a TV Episode, plex disconnects and kills everything. It immediately re-connects but the video is gone and has to be restarted. I haven’t been able to figure this behavior out yet. I tested a stand alone server and it too exhibited the same behavior. I notice this only when playing through my TV which is using the PLEX DNLA server. The interesting thing is it appears to only affect TV shows that I have ripped from disk. Movies that I rip play just fine. This is strange behavior.