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Container won't start on open media vault

Jun 20, 2019 16:50:47.278 [0x7feca2248740] ERROR - HttpServer: Error opening acceptor: Permission denied

Jun 20, 2019 16:50:47.278 [0x7feca2248740] ERROR - Error: Unable to set up server: listen: Permission denied (N5boost10wrapexceptINS_6system12system_errorEEE)

docker run -d --name plex --network=host -e TZ=“US/Pacific” -e PLEX_GID=100 -e PLEX_UID=1000 -v /sharedfolders/containers/plex/config:/config -v /sharedfolders/transcode:/transcode -v /sharedfolders/media:/data plexinc/pms-docker

doesn’t seem to matter what I do, error is always the same.

I am quite sure there is a port collision with something your already run on your OMV and one of the services plex brings to the table.

Make sure your plex container is stopped.
Open a ssh shell and check the ouput of `netstat -tulpn’ and see if one of this ports is listed:

The problem is quite easy: one of the ports is already in use. A port can only be bound by one process. This can be sorted out by identifying the service on OMV and assigning a different port for the service OR by creating a docker network (which will result in using a different logical network interface):

MACVLAN: create a macvlan network in docker. It allows to declare a subnet in your network to be used by docker. You can even assign a fixed from this subet to your container. Though, make sure to exclude this subnet from your LANs dhcp server!

BRIDGED: The other option is to use a bridged network and publish ports.