Upload content to plex docker

Hi mates… first of all, sorry for my English
I have been with docker for a short time and I have some headaches.
My problem is that I have installed plex server, in arm architecture, with the following command:
sudo docker pull linuxserver/plex
So far everything is perfect, I use portainer for more clarification.
I have put these configuration parameters:
*sudo docker create *
*–name=plexserver *
*–net=host *
*-e VERSION=latest *
*-e PUID=1001 -e PGID=1001 *
*-e TZ=Europe/Madrid *
*-v /home/docker/plex/config:/config*
*-v /home/docker/plex/tvshows:/data/tvshows*
*-v /home/docker/plex/movies:/data/movies*
*-v /home/docker/plex/transcode:/transcode*
The folders are created in /home/docker/plex, but when I enter plex, to upload content, I can’t get it to see those folders. I see others that I don’t know in which directory they are
I also see /data/tvshows…but what directory is that in?
Can you help me???
thank you

Seems you don’t know what the -v actually does.

The left-hand side before the colon is the host path, the right-hand side after the colon is the container path.

The result of -v /host/path:/container/path is that the host path /host/path is bind mounted into the container path /container/path.

So if you put files into the host path /home/docker/plex/tvshows, it will be bind mounted into /data/tvshows inside the container according to your volume mapping. If your container writes something into /data/tvshows, you can see these files in /home/docker/plex/tvshows on the host. The host and container path both point to the same inode (as in same physical location) for the directory in the filesystem.

Solved Meyai…
You are right to say “Seems you don’t know what the -v actually does”, I have been on the docker topic for a short time and sometimes I get lost in the topic.
Thank you very much for your help Meyai