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Portable version?


(Electronicsguy) #1

Is there a portable version of docker so that I can use it without admin rights? Windows or Mac is fine.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

The tricky part here is doing virtualization without admin rights. There may be a way to do it, but it would likely be far less than ideal.

If you were able to install a linux VM without admin, then you could likely run docker inside it.

(Andrevtg) #3

You still need admin rights to install the new Docker for Mac, but afterwards you don’t. The hidden VM is created and recreated many times (xhyve) but you’ll never need admin rights on the host, AFAIK.

(Electronicsguy) #4

@programmerq Virtualbox can be install on a linux live USB drive as a portable version. We can then “virtualize” the drive and run the linux OS say on Windows, without having a trace of virtualbox on the host.

Can something similar be done just for docker?

(Jeff Anderson) #5

You could definitely run Docker inside a portable virtualbox virtual machine.