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Positioning between DfW and docker-machine hyperv

(Manuel Patrone) #1

Expected behavior

Actual behavior


What is fundamentally different between Docker for Windows beta and using docker-machine for creating a boot2docker hyperv VM in Windows? Is DfW a stepping stone for something completely different in the windows environment? From what I’ve seen so far, I must say that I fail to see anything fundamentally different between the two solutions… Please enlighten me…

Steps to reproduce the behavior

(Afischer211) #2

One difference is the used Linux-variant MobyLinux (D4W) versus Boot2Docker (docker-machine).
Docker4Windows currently does not support private repositories for pulling images.

(Manuel Patrone) #3

Surely there must be some reasoning besides the linux distro each VM is based upon (alpine vs tiny). Personally I do prefer alpine but that does not justify the beta program :slight_smile: … I was asking more long-term… is DfW the solution for the windows platform going forward? Will it somehow allow cross-managing between linux and (future) windows containers? What would be the compelling reason for one to choose DfW over docker-machine hyperv?