Pricing for Teams and Organisations

Continuing the discussion from Docker Cloud 1.4 Release Notes:

I note you mention this is a free preview. Can you please confirm what the current thinking around pricing of this service will be? Will this be a standard part of the paid tier? ie. if you are paying for nodes that this service is part of that charge Or are you talking about adding additional charges for this service?

PS. Huzzah :raised_hands: for getting organisations up… finally.

PPS. All that’s needed now is to man up and kill the “new ui”, and return to developing the Classic UI.


Very cool feature, but yes, I for one won’t be trying it until I know what it will cost. I’m very sensitive to burn rate, being self-funded at the moment, and since this feels like an “enterprise” option I could see you asking over $100/month, which would be Right Out.

Hi modius,

We’re still discussing pricing for Teams & Organizations moving forward - but as of now, no decision has been made to if/how we will charge.