PRO license for docker-desktop use on company machine


Can I purchase docker PRO license myself and use docker-desktop on company machine? Did someone had similar situation and can share their experience?

I found similar quetion in the thread : Subscribe Pro to work at my client's Onsite however what I understand from this thread the response there is just someones opinion so I would be grateful if someone maybe had some “real life experience” with similar problem and can share more definitive answer.

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Well, that someone (moderator at that time) also shared a link to the pricing FAQ :slight_smile: I quote

Our developers don’t actually use the Docker Desktop UI. Do they still need a subscription?

Yes. The user interface is one of many components that make up Docker Desktop. Even if you prefer to use the command line, Docker Desktop requires a paid, per-user subscription such as Pro, Team, or Business for professional use in larger companies. Learn more about the components that make up Docker Desktop in our Docker Desktop documentation.

It is not the question that is interesting, but the answer. I highlighted the important part.

So yes, you can use PRO subscription on a company machine. PRO, Team and Business subscriptions have different benefits, so a company couldn’t just pay for PRO subscriptions to pay less, so I guess this is why it is possible to use a PRO subscription if that is enough. I myself have a PRO subscription and installed Docker Desktop on my company machine, even though I don’t use it usually, because I use Docker Engine (Docker CE) on Linux without GUI.


On second thought, the company I work for is not large, so it doesn’t matter, but the FAQ answer does. I hope I could help.

Update 2:

On third thought… The answer could be interpreted as large companies must pay for Business subscription, but I’m pretty sure I read a more direct answer somewhere from an actual Docker Staff member. Just don’t know where.

Thank you for the answer.