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Problem : Docker won't start (I solved this but reporting anyway)

(Dan Stone) #1

I had a problem where Docker wasn’t starting. Searching the forums I found this thread: Docker for mac won’t start

Which is basically the exact problem I had, except for ONE thing which I noticed and is the reason why I’m starting a new thread, rather than posting there.

In my output I had:

Docker[4163] <Error>: transfused: mount
Docker[4163] <Error>: transfused: /bin/fusermount
Docker[4163] <Error>: transfused: -o
Docker[4163] <Error>: transfused: allow_other,max_read=1048576,subtype=osxfs
Docker[4163] <Error>: transfused: /Mac
Docker[4163] <Error>: transfused:

Which is slightly different in that I report , and others did not. Remembering this I remembered I had installed MacFUSE some time ago, and I suppose it was conflicting. Removed it, and good to go.

Notably I’ve had this installed all along and only recently had this issue, so something might have changed in Beta13 to make this incompatible. Thought I would report in case others suddenly have the same issue.