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Docker 3.0.0 Mac - error using mounts - can't use at all

I just downloaded/installed Docker 3.0.0 MacOS X 11.0.1 (20B50)

I have a fairly simle NodeRed container, which loads its data from my local documents-folder
This runs fine in Docker 2.5.0.x (and earlier).

After installing Docker 3.0.0, I allowed it to access all required directories (as in 2.5.0.x), but it refuses to run the container, but gives an error message (approx. like the following):

docker server error (500) - Mounts denied: approving ~/Documents/Kitematic/nodered/data: file does not exist

I couldn’t get it to run, so I downloaded/installed to Docker 2.5.0.x again and things work as expected (without any changes).

Anybody else seeing this?
Any idea how to fix?

A colleague of mine was able to fix this by disabling “Use gRPC FUSE for file sharing”

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The suggestion has worked for me thanks.

for anyone wondering why, the latest version 3.0 enabled Use gRPC FUSE for file sharing by default, which cause the issue raised in 2.4 version for macos. If you want to disable it with docker desktop on Mac go to Preference -> Experimental Features -> disable Use gRPC FUSE for file sharing after that just apply and restart. I don’t know why they would make this feature a default because it just breaking on MacOS and took me sometime to find out why…


thx for the hint… Since I de-installed Docker 3: so does Docker 3.0 behaves different than 2.5 - or just uses another set of preferences? (I’ll try again on the weekend)

you can read over the changes of this release at

I can’t seem to find any change which would introduce a different behaviour here…

Do you happen to know, if I can run Docker 3.0x and Docker 2.5.x together on the same machine, without causing problems?

you can disable Use gRPC FUSE for file sharing like the suggestion above it will fix your problem. Summary of 3.0 version they introduce docker compose command (not related to docker-compose). Reduce CPU usage on MacOS, SOCKS proxy, updates are now in smaller since from now on

Jep - thanks - it was really that simple :+1:

thanks for your valuable input!