Problem pushing to registry: Authentication is required

Whenever I try to push to zaharidichev/** i Do get an error such as:

The push refers to a repository []
07f7753a1122: Preparing
905e2ae40d98: Preparing
df2a07c92194: Image push failed
d57c241d07eb: Image push failed
5f70bf18a086: Image push failed
b12658ab88ee: Waiting
6ec46204d6bb: Waiting
f3e4e0468545: Waiting
656120ad8c56: Waiting
30f9a83f20f3: Waiting
78dbfa5b7cbc: Waiting
unauthorized: authentication required

This started happening 15 minutes ago. Is there any chance my account is locked or something ?


Did you run docker login prior to pushing?

Do you have any interesting messages in your docker daemon logs? There may be more information there, especially if you turn on --debug logging in the daemon.

Have you run out of private repositories?

I noticed a couple days ago when I was trying to push that it was telling me that authentication was required, but it was because I was using all of my available repositories.

I was getting the auth required message as well. Logged into, created an empty repo and was then able to push to the repo.