Problems with networking, dockerize my nodeJs app

I made a nodeJS app on windows.
It’s a dashboard to on/off/restart systems in the office remotely by a web interface.
The app is scanning a range of ip’s and maps out what systems are on and off based on the ip’s it found.
For this “scanning” function I use “local-devices” npm package for nodeJs.
It works on running the app from the visual studio code terminal, but it doesn’t find any devices when run in a docker container. I also don’t know if I need to change anything to make “local-devices” work on linux.
The webserver express and websocket do work with docker.
I would like to make the app run a Raspberri Pi, but I ran it without Docker on a Pi, and it also could not find any ip’s. I managed to do a test on the windows machine using docker to scan the whole network, and only found the virtual ip of the container.
Now I’m trying to get it to run on my dev windows machine using docker first, if that works, I try docker on the Raspberri Pi.
After that I also need to get the shutdown command working, thats now uses the windows cmd shutdown command to remotely turn off systems by ip. And I also need to get a Linux version working for IPMI-util to control IPMI controlled systems.
It all works on the windows dev machine right now, I was hoping it was easy to get it to run on a Pi,
but it cost me allot of effort to get even close it seems.
But first things first…

I’m a beginner with docker, and I now know how to dockerize my app…
I read about running the node contrainer on host network mode or something…?
Not sure how to adjust the docker-copmpose file to get that to work.
Maybe it’s not doable to get the whole app to run on the Pi?

Any suggestions are welcome!