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Programmatically creating the settings for a container

(Gramster) #1

I would like to create a script that creates the settings for a user to run a container from Kitematic. These settings vary by user and I don’t want users to have to deal with the issues of mapping volumes, ports etc - plus at least one volume needs to be mapped in to a hidden folder in the users home directory and the current UI uses the standard Mac file picker dialog which does not show hidden directories.

Where are the settings for a container stored and are they in a format that can be generated programmatically?

(Jeff Anderson) #2


You could call out to the normal ‘docker’ cli instead of using kitematic.

eval $(docker-machine env default)
docker run -d -v /path/to/.hidden/directory -p 8989:8888 image


(Gramster) #3

That’s what we’re doing currently. But Kitematic potentially offers a
better user experience for users who just want to run the container
(auto-starting VBox, showing containers in registry, etc). So I was hoping
to have a ‘run-once’ script to configure our container after which the user
could just launch from Kitematic.