Pushing a new tag for an automated build via API?

I have a lot of similar automated builds. Adding a new tag is currently a manual process by adding a changing the build settings of an automated build, which is quite tedious for 10+ images.

Is there an alternative way like an API call which can create new tags or extend the build configuration ? Also, is it possible to add two tag to the same build configuration (like 1.0.1 and latest) without creating two separate identical build configs (except for the tag) which also lead to two different images ?

Hi Roland,

Unfortunately, the only option for adding tag is the current manual process. There are few feature requests proposed around this but hasn’t made to the roadmap yet.

There are few V1 Endpoints, that you can use with your Manual builds but unfortunately, those cannot be intermixed with Automated Builds. And V2 Endpoints are being in progress and not yet available for users.