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Pushing to docker authentication error

I am trying to push to docker but i keep coming up against a unauthorized: authentication required error.

I have tried both heroku login and heroku container:login but no joy. the error keeps coming up the i try to push to docker. the registration part worked fine.

these are my steps:

  • heroku login (works)
  • heroku container:login (works)
  • heroku create (works)
  • cd to my folder #the directory where file exists (works)
  • copied the Dockerfile here (works)
  • docker build -t<app_name>/web . (works)
  • docker push<app_name>/web (gets stuck here :frowning: )
  • heroku container:release web -a <app_name>


I belive this is better asked at the heroku community than here, but have you checked: