Put Wordpress website online (free hosting?)


I created a wordpress container using Docker Compose etc. That was no problem and rather easy. It works locally. But I want to put the website online, so you for example could access it.
How is it done and what do I need for? I tried multiple hosting companies like Microsoft’s Azure or that one from Amazon but the thing is that I need a credit card number and I don’t have a credit card.
Can’t I assign for example a dynamic DNS to the container or something like this? Or is there a complete free alternative for that purpose?

Thanks a lot


This isn’t necessarily a docker specific question-- docker will run anywhere that you can run linux 3.10+

AWS does have a free micro instance for the first year, last I checked. They almost certainly require a credit card number though.

You could self host it on your own internet connection and set up DNS to point to that.

I usually have the same issue. Several times I use AWS and as you said already, you need a credit card, but you can assign a dynamic DNS using NoIp.com, I use it and it works, the only thing is that you need to open ports to point at the container port, also I saw a nodejs thing that generates you a public address. So you can run a nodejs docker image, install it and it works, BUT I still seeing how to link it to other container that I have my website.