Raspberry Docker NBI Routing?

Hi guys,

sorry i am a newbie in docker so please :slight_smile:

I install docker on my raspberry 3.
the first step was:
docker run -p 8000:80 -d nginx
when I use “raspberrypi”:8000, suprise it get the “Welcome to nginx!” page.

now I want to install bsdpy, a netboot server.
I install everything with:
docker run --restart=always -d -v /nbi:/nbi -p 80:80/tcp --name web macadmins/netboot-httpd
docker run --restart=always -d -v /nbi:/nbi -p 69:69/udp --name tftpd macadmins/tftpd
docker run --restart=always -d -v /nbi:/nbi -p 67:67/udp -e BSDPY_IP=<yourlinuxserverip> -e BSDPY_IFACE=eth01 -e BSDPY_NBI_URL=http://<yourlinuxserverip> --name bsdpy bruienne/bsdpy:1.0

I think “yourlinusserverip” is my “raspberrypi” ip. So i use 192.168.x.40.

The raspberry pi self has inside the ip: (docker0)

my client (osx) has the ip: 192.168.x.39

Now, I must find any way to route the docker in my network?
How can I do this?
Please, dont paste a link, I am really a newbie and need a tutorial or a step by step manual.