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RaspberryMatic, Home Assistant and Dockers

Hello. Feels like the topic fits best here … I need your opinion.

So far my RaspberryMatic has been running on an RPi 4B and my Home Assistant on an RPi 2B. I have to replace the 2B, it may not last that long. Now I’m thinking about upgrading a 4B, installing Docker and then putting in RaspberryMatic and Home Assistant. But when I consider that the RaspberryMatic includes a radio module and my Home Assistant includes a Conbee II stick for Zigbee, I am not sure whether this can be so specifically delimited and whether it makes sense.

My question: Does anyone have this configuration in use and can give me information about it? Does anyone know about Dockers and have an opinion on it? I look forward to helpful information that will save me a lot of lifetime. Thanks!