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RDP into Windows Docker Container


(Sujeetkp) #1

I have read a lot of Blogs and Discussions, but have not found any solutions yet for RDP into a Windows Docker Container. Is it really possible now ?

(Paulmichalik) #2

I guess the question is related to this discussion. It appears that everything is run in the non-interactive Session 0 to which you probably want be able to connect for security reasons. However the new Windows image should be in theory capable of running RDP services which makes me optimistic…

(Sujeetkp) #3

New Images ? Are they already released ? Are you talking about the below image ?

(Paulmichalik) #4

No, the image is in preview, follow the link from the other question. But showing GUI or connecting via RDP is not there yet it just became theoretically possible imho.

Mail]( for Windows 10

(Gangli59) #5

The image is not published on dockerhub, but you can pull as:
get your windows server insider preview version, then
docker pull$versiontag

or windows 10,
docker pull

(Sujeetkp) #6

@gangli59 : I am getting the below error when I tried to Pull the image

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> docker pull
latest: Pulling from windows-insider
a Windows version 10.0.17758-based image is incompatible with a 10.0.17134 host

Is it because my Win10 version is lower than the image ?

(Gangli59) #7

As I understood, the docker windows images runs in VM mode container in Windows 10, It should not care about the Windows version. However the VM is a special Hyper-V VM, your system may missing some features to support it.