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Re-activate organisation

I was experimenting with organisations on a free account and created an organisation (perpetuum), which I deactivated as I mistakingly thought I could use that name for a teams account. Wrong, I can not reactivate the organisation or create a new one with that name.

No response from support, so hoping one of the admins/docker reps can help sort this and re-activate the organisation for me.

Thanks in advance for the help,

I have forwarded your request on to our support team. Of course support for the Free tier is best effort. If you have a ticket number or you can DM me the email which you created the ticket with–that would be helpful :smiley:

Thanks Alex. I used the web portal to generate a ticket, but never received an email with a ticket number :frowning:
I have now received emails confirming the problem should be solved - and in fact, it appears to be as I see the organisation in my profile :slight_smile:

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