Recommended setup to develop LAMP which runs in docker container


All the while, I have been using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, to do Android app development.

Recently, I need to develop a LAMP stack solution, which runs in docker container.

May I know, which kind of setup is better? I wish the new setup will not interference much with my current Windows develop environment. Messing up in one development environment will not affect the other development environment.

  1. Run Docker inside Ubuntu VirtualBox -

  2. Use Docker for Windows - . Will this runs any background process, which may impact Windows performance, when I’m not using Docker explicitly?

Have anyone tried both setup before? Mind to share pro & con of each setup, based on your experience?


use a dockerhub lamp image, there are a couple to chose from

Unfortunately those are outdated. At least at the moment of posting this reply the most recent docker image has the last GitHub commit in May…

It’s sad that Docker doesn’t provide an official LAMP image; everyone is reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Not really: best practice is to have a separate container per task/process/concern, not a single “does everything” image. If you use the mysql and, say, php:apache images together, you have a more typical architecture and a pretty straightforward Docker Compose setup.

You’re right about separating each LAMP application, but there isn’t such an official LAMP docker-compose.yml out there :confused:

Things like devilbox and laradock seem to fill that that gap, but still it does not feel good.