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Regenerating Machine Certificates [Windows]

Hi there and compliments of the season :slight_smile:

I’m getting an error “Local detected invalid Docker Machine TLS certificates”, while trying to run an app called “local by flywheel”

So I installed docker on my system so I could regenerate certificates by running the following command

docker-machine stop local-by-flywheel;
rm -rf ~/.docker/machine/certs;
docker-machine create local-cert-gen;
docker-machine start local-by-flywheel;
docker-machine regenerate-certs -f local-by-flywheel;
docker-machine rm -f local-cert-gen;

and get this error:

I did some googling around and can confirm that Docker is installed in

C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\bin

I think the solution I’m trying to get involves downloading a new version of the Boot2Docker ISO file, and letting the system re-provision itself. The process involved a) Creating an alias (“local-docker-machine”) for the “Local by Flywheel”s docker-machine binary; b) issuing a series of commands to that alias by using the command above.

These steps caused Local by Flywheel to recognize that the Boot2Docker ISO was out of date trigger a download of the new version.

Can anyone help me with the right command to achieve this?