Request for install and images directory option in Docker for Windows Installer


Not much I can add to the title, a lot of windows users, only use C for core programs, and unavoidable cases,

For example I redirect user subfolders inside the user/username directory to a larger drive, as this stops any bootup issues if the disk is unavailable, while giving you an alternative location for many other files (configured through the windows user folder-locations features. Like many others I also have a programs partition, and I usually have a special partition for VM’s and containers

This means my first job after getting Docker working, is to hunt down how to move anything that may take up large volumes of space on C with permanent configuration changes. (and into a location which also gets backed up daily rather than weekly as C does)

It would be really helpful if this was part of the installer, similar issues have to be resolved with tools like maven, to avoid massive repositories inside the user directory, where the directory “skeleton” is kept on C to ensure if C exists it all works, and boots quickly


Thanks for opening the issue, I’ve added an issue to track this.