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Restart docker after enabling swarm fails

(Vittel) #1

Expected behavior

restarting docker works

Actual behavior

it fails with a fastly disappearing message


Steps to reproduce the behavior

starting latest (todays) update
enable and install swarm services
3 times image mongo (separate services) only running locally
try the restart button in docker settings

(Vittel) #2

i can stop docker, and start it again. just the restart as such doesnt work…

(Michael Friis) #3

Checking to see if this is a duplicate of this issue? After Swarm Init VM wont start again

(Vittel) #4

it is a possible duplicate for this:

(David Gageot) #5

@vittel yes, I guess that since your VM cannot be stopped, everything that needs a VM restart will fail… Should be fixed now.