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Frequent Error: Es wurde keine Integrationskomponente ... gefunden

(Vittel) #1

Since the last update i see this error very often.

Free translated: “No integrationcomponent with the given name was found”

It happens on most host-powerups and some of the ordinary docker restarts. Usually docker will start normally after another “restart”.
I guess this also duplicates some of my other tickets but seems to be the root cause.

[10:31:11.048][NamedPipeClient][Error ] Unable to send Stop: Failed to stop “MobyLinuxVM”: Es wurde keine Integrationskomponente mit dem angegebenen Namen gefunden.

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Restart docker after enabling swarm fails
(David Gageot) #2

Hi @vittel this bug also was fixed in today’s version. Please tell us if it improves restarting docker.

(Tobias Gesellchen) #3

Works for me with the current beta18. Thanks!

(Vittel) #4

This morning it was solved, but the second update this evening caused again startup problems