Frequent Error: Es wurde keine Integrationskomponente ... gefunden

Since the last update i see this error very often.

Free translated: “No integrationcomponent with the given name was found”

It happens on most host-powerups and some of the ordinary docker restarts. Usually docker will start normally after another “restart”.
I guess this also duplicates some of my other tickets but seems to be the root cause.

[10:31:11.048][NamedPipeClient][Error ] Unable to send Stop: Failed to stop “MobyLinuxVM”: Es wurde keine Integrationskomponente mit dem angegebenen Namen gefunden.

Hi @vittel this bug also was fixed in today’s version. Please tell us if it improves restarting docker.

Works for me with the current beta18. Thanks!

This morning it was solved, but the second update this evening caused again startup problems