Restore the data of a docker installed using stacks in portainer

I have very basic knowledge of dockers, so pls excuse my ignorance.

I use dockers on unraid to install apps. While most of them are installed using unraid’s excellent docker management system, a self hosted zerotier controller is something not on offer there. So I used a process I found on youtube which uses stacks in portainer to install the docker.

The process of installation is detailed here - ZeroTier Network Controller in Docker - YouTube

All of the docker config data is stored on whats called a cache disk in Unraid. Recently my cache disk crashed irrecoverably and I had to rely on a backup of the cache disk that stores all the config data. But while it has the data of all the dockers installed using unraid (including portainer), there is no straightforward backup (or one that I am aware of, given my poor understanding of the docker system) of the zerotier controller i installed from within portainer.

Would be grateful to anyone who could point me towards reinstalling /recovering the config data.

The stack used is as below

version: “3”

    image: keynetworks/ztncui
    container_name: ztncui
      - USER_UID=99 #adjust to your system
      - USER_GID=100 #adjust to your system
      - NODE_ENV=production
      - HTTPS_PORT=3443
      - ZTNCUI_PASSWD=password  #change this
      - ztncui:/opt/key-networks/ztncui/etc
      - zt1:/var/lib/zerotier-one
      - 3443:3443 #dashboard port
      - 3180:3180`