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Restoring from Mac time machine doesn't restore latest docker images or containers

Yesterday I had to restore my macbook pro to mac OS Catalina (10.15.7) from Big Sur (11.2.2). I created a time machine backup just before the downgrade. It took several tries, but I was finally able to downgrade my mac to Catalina. As far as I can tell, all of my files have been recovered to the version from the time machine backup I took just before the downgrade, with the exception of Docker. I am running Docker Desktop 3.1.0 on mac OS Catalina (previously Big Sur). I can see all of my images and containers that I had up to 17 days ago. I created a new image and corresponding container two days before I did the downgrade. Those files would have been included in the time machine backup I took just before the downgrade. Why would Docker recover older images and containers from 17 days ago but not my latest image and container from two days ago? All other files for other applications seem to be the latest version. This seems to only be a problem with Docker. docker images and docker ps -a do not list my missing image or container.

Where are these images stored on mac os Catalina? I would like to know where I should look for my missing image in container in my time machine backup.


I upgraded my MacBook Pro on 19 November without issue.

I upgraded my iMac on 22 November and, while I don’t remember any messages about resetting to factory defaults, settling in to do some time sensitive work I find all my containers were wiped out.

Diagnostic ID: 5D6F934F-4E93-4595-AB0A-0DBC1A0F0B63/20181127081355

Both machines run High Sierra.