Runing containers live on a domain


Can anyone help, or point me to any documentation on running docker containers live on a windows 2019 server?

I have plesk, through which I manage all of my website.

I have a dedicated server and there are some projects I would like to run in Docker (nextcloud, invoiceninja etc). However I am struggling to understand how i can point a domain to this particular container?

The general part is the same with or without Docker:

  1. point your dns record to the server
  2. make sure your server ip and port can be reached (routing, firewall, if required portforwarding ) using the domain name.
  3. Either make your target application listen on port 80/443 or use a reverse proxy that listens on port 80/443 that forwards the traffic for a specific domain to a specific target.

I assume you run Windows containers, as Windows Server 2019 is not supported by Docker Desktop. Or are you running Docker-CE in a Linux vm