Need some advanced Networking help

Hey Folks,

I am extremely new to the Container realm. We have a special application that requires some specific network that I just don’t quite know how to do.

The set up is this
Host - windows 2016 already running an application on port 80
container - needs to be contacted on port 80
container - needs to run http post/get outbound on a separate network

ie - host = - is managed on port 80
container = idealy we could mange on port 80 as well - not sure how to set this up - as a reverse proxy on the host doesn’t really know the container exists (at least I don’t know how to make this work)
container = will run http: get /post out of a public space… example: (this I can accomplish with static routes on the container, I think)

do you folks know of a solution to get the host to be able to send the container information - like a reverse proxy or http router that runs on windows? Thanks