SCRAM authentication requires libpq version 10

Hello. I have a problem. I need to extract the backup data from the container in PostgreSQL. but an error occurs: SCRAM authentication requires libpq version 10 or above.
I have the latest version of PostgreSQL installed. docker pgadmin4 (PostgreSQL) has version 7. I use windows 10. could you help me to solve the problem? Container launch command example (you must specify logins and passwords in variables):

docker run -e "REDIS_HOST=" -e "CROPIO_LOGIN=" -e "CROPIO_PASSWORD=" \
-e "DB_NAME=" -e "DB_PORT=" -e "DB_USERNAME=" -e  "DB_PASSWORD=" -e "DB_HOST=" \
-e "DOWNLOAD_SLEEP=10" --restart=always cropio/cropio-backupper

cropio/cropio-backupper was updated more than a year ago. It looks like it is not compatbible with the auth method of the latest PostgreSQL server. If you search for the error message that you shared, you will find some similar issues indicating that either the application needs to be updated or the auth method of Postgresql server has to be changed. Here is just one of the search results

Maybe you could try to clone the repository from github and replace the FROM instruction in the Dockerfile with a newer base image, then build the image for yourself

On that gitHub repo you can also open an issue and ask the maintainer to update the image or make it compatibe with the latest PostgreSQL if updating the base image is not enough.

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