Service Discovery with Docker Swarm


I’m new to this community , and doing some prototyping on docker swarm.
I’ve one question…

I read it in docker documentation that for Production grade swarm cluster you need a service discovery which could be “Consul” , “etcd” or zookeper .

But how this works on my on premise swarm cluster , Is it necessary to have consul or any other software to setup swarm cluster , if not …

then how swarm manages/store all configuration (how it resolves host name)…

does it have any internal DNS service to keep (Dev) cluster running ?

You are probably looking at old swarm documentation (a.k.a. swarm standalone).

Things are a lot easier with swarm mode, that takes care of this transparently.

Focus only on newer docs on swarm mode (there is always “swarm mode” or “old swarm” warning at the top). Keep away from swarm standlone docs.

Thanks for your quick reply Andrevtg , could you please share the correct link… giving information about the question I have asked… would be really helpful.



Try this:

Swarm mode is simply awesome. Swarm configuration, service discovery, all these things are taken care of by the manager nodes.

You can have a try at a multi-node swarm easily at Play with Docker is a self-service testing environment that you can use freely.

Thanks … That was really helpful