Services are slow to come online on Docker Swarm on Windows

I have 5 node Docker Swarm : 1 Linux manager, 2 Linux nodes and 2 Windows nodes.

  • All VMs are in Azure.
  • All linux are Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS running Docker 17.06.1-ce
  • All Windows are Windows Server 2016 Datacenter container edition running Docker 17.06.1-ee
  • Services are routed to correct OS type based on the constraints.

Getting any linux based services up and running in this Swarm is fine and comes online as expected. Services “submit to running state” is in few seconds, be it via stack or direct.
However submitting a Stack with all or any Windows based services take full 4 minutes before getting to running state. Not sure what is taking time. If you run the service directly they come up fast on the nodes(Windows) itself.

  1. Is there any special flags I need to setup for more granular logging on Swarm and service level to capture more details?
  2. How can I debug or trace activities for specific services?
  3. Any suggestions to make these Windows Docker services come online quicker? I think there is something delaying the services on Windows node. It is 4 minutes every time.