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Set up pihole in docker in windows 10 Pro

I have read on the internet andrewdenty and others, but they still leave out stuff or assume I have something that they do not explain. He seems to have less steps…

If I may ask…at Step 5 – it has all these strange IP addresses like I have set up the PC to have a static IPAddress within the modem – meaning each time the PC starts up the modem give it 192.168.124 (based on the MAC address). I am assuming I retain this feature and change the DNS server address ( for the other PC’s on the network. It is not clear in this step. Why would one change the DNS server for the PC running Pi Hole.

Then there is Step 6 – totally confuses me, especially as I have NO passwords. The world is obsessed with passwords….what do I put in the cmd/powershell or how. No one is telling me in simple terms for an idiot who only has windows.

This all happens after I put in docker pull pihole/pihole…something happens, but I have not idea if it is good or nor. After this step it just falls apart.