Setting up a public mirror

I would like to set up public mirrors on digital ocean for the discourse image so its faster to grab it.

What is the correct way to set up registry so nobody can upload images to it, but people can download what they wish?


Is this because your finding it specifically slow for Digital Ocean based hosts to download from the Cloudfront backed hub, or because you feel you can make a better CDN than Cloudfront?

Perhaps if we discuss the problem you’re wanting to solve we can come up with a longer term solution.

wrt setting up a read only registry - I was playing with the registry mirror setup as documented in and it worked - though I would expect it would be better to put that behind a carefully crafted proxy to make sure there’s no holes.

On the Singapore nodes we pretty much can not download samsaffron/discourse:1.0.3 it takes forever. The LA one probably takes a minute, having it local to digital ocean would shave off a bunch of time.

ah, that sounds like something that we should solve for all hub users :slight_smile:

We have a similar problem with our office in Vietnam.

Great to hear the registry is on Cloudfront – makes more sense of why sometimes things are slow and then not. We’re based in Sydney.

But… its still painful in the office. Is there anything like a local mirror option or proxy option for Docker Hub?

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Turns out the new Distribution project has a section on pull through caching hidden away. Re-posting this pseudo mirror information here in the hope someone finds it useful :smile:

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