Several Questions Newbie

I’m a very new at this Dockers thing, but it’ starting to get to me. I do have several questions and I’m hoping someone will take it easy on me as learning this stuff (maybe).
#1: However, easy is it to learn dockers?
#2: I’m very new to Linux, but yet I have have grown little by little to the fact that I’m working on a website right now running on a PI. Which program does Dockers don’t like? I have several programs that make up my website (Apache2, LAMP, Let’s Encrypt, postfix).
#3: I also have a NAS server running on another Pi. I would like to put these two together. Do I need to destory both to install dockers and then reinstall everyting?

This is Dockers:

So the first step would be to learn the concepts from the documentations and from articles on the web. It is a bad way to ask very general questions in a topic with a very general title, since the people who could give you the best answers already wrote it and shared online so they won’t repeat it here.

You are working with containers and not Dockers. It requires strong Linux skills unless you just want to copy-paste a command that someone else shared and made it copy-pastable so no settings are required at all.

Recommended links to learn the basics and concepts:

The last link is (currently) about Docker Desktop which is Docker CE in a virtual machine whith a GUI.

You can also watch Youtube videos. Docker has its own channel as well:

But you can find mine as well on my profile.