Severe bug seems to be preventing me from signing into Docker Hub

So I created a docker id via the command line and the password I created was less than 9 characters. Now when I go to docker hub via the browser to login, I cannot because it tells me the password must be at least 9 characters, however, I am able to login fine with my short password on Docker Desktop and via command line. I then specify that I forgot my password and enter my email (that I would have used during registration, I don’t remember if I specified email address) but no email comes to reset my password. So now I am stuck and I cannot in anyway login to my docker account in the browser. This seems to be a pretty severe bug if users cannot log in to their docker accounts on the browser because of password requirements which are not implemented on docker desktop and docker command line. Please let me know, thanks in advance!

Exactly the same problem for me. (Older account with password less than 9 characters, can’t login on web and not receiving the email to reset my password)
But I do remember the email I used to create my account (I confirmed by searching my email history to find the email where docker asks to confirm email address)

I didn’t try to login on desktop client thinking that my account is gone for good.

But then I tried to create a new account with same username and email but it didn’t work because username was already taken (duh!)
So I changed the username to a new one and strangely enough it accepted it.

Now I have two different accounts with same email address!!!

Both of them work on desktop client but only one works on web.

This is a pretty dumb bug. The validation is only happening in Javascript, you can in actuality still log into your account through the browser. To accomplish this, just redefined the function that validates the information in the form to always return true.