Sharing DockerNAT with other Hyper-V VMs?

How can I share DockerNAT between Docker and other Hyper-V VMs?

The problem is, Hyper-V only allows one NAT network. That means I can’t create a second NAT on my Windows laptop for other Hyper-v VMs. MobyLinuxVM works fine with the Docker created DockerNAT and the containers in Docker have access to the Internet through my wifi. But if I create another Hyper-V VM and assign it to use DockerNAT for networking, the VM cannot see the Internet.

Because Hyper-V only allows one NAT, I can’t get any other VMs to use the Internet unless I install multiple NICs and assign one to my other Hyper-V.

The simplest solution, seems to me, would be to share DockerNAT across all Hyper-Vs. The only other option, and I don’t know if that would work or not, would be to delete the DockerNAT and then create a new NAT and hope it works for Docker as well.

What’s the best way to handle this?