Silence the Scout message after docker build

Hi Docker forums,

I find the View summary of image vulnerabilities and recommendations → docker scout quickview Docker Scout message after my docker build command distracting because it looks like something went wrong with my build and I want to remove the message. I tried the following:

  1. I looked through the environment variables documentation at Use the Docker command line | Docker Documentation —didn’t find anything.

  2. Based on my earlier Silence the Snyk message after docker build message—which silenced the distracting Sync message with the DOCKER_SCAN_SUGGEST=false env var—, I guessed that setting DOCKER_SCOUT_SUGGEST=false environment variable might work—also didn’t work like the following shell session illustrates:

    $ export DOCKER_SCOUT_SUGGEST=false
    $ docker build -t myapp .
    [+] Building 0.8s (9/9) FINISHED           docker:desktop-linux
    # ...
     => => naming to   0.0s
    What's Next?
      View summary of image vulnerabilities and recommendations → docker scout quickview

    Observation: Notice that the Docker Scout What’s Next message even though I set that DOCKER_SCOUT_SUGGEST=false env var.

  3. Based on the DOCKER_SCAN_SUGGEST env var name, I guessed silencing the Scout message might be named like something_something_SUGGEST; I searched on GitHub for the org:docker "_SUGGEST\")" query; but didn’t find anything—see screenshot.

Question: How do you remove that Docker Scout message from your build output? Also, Bonus: Is there a general environment variable to silence these sort of messages—something like DOCKER_SILENCE_SPAM=yes or DOCKER_SUGGEST=no?

Hi, there’s a env var you can set DOCKER_CLI_HINTS=false to disable the CLI hints.

Hope that helps, cd

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