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[SOLVED] Network configuration - Linux containers

Hi all. I hope this is the correct forum location for this question.

I have installed docker on linux (KDE Neon which is based on Kubuntu). I have created a container pulled from the linuxserver/sonarr container (if I put this sentance correctly, for I’m new to the docker concept). This item is working fine.

So next, I would like the container accessible from other pc’s in my network. The container has a url ‘’ which is a default docker0 bridge. I would like to change this. I really don’t mind fixed IP’s, in fact in this case I’ld prefer them, but I would like to set them to my normal network. Which network setup would fit best? I tried a new bridge and that worked, but my internet on the pc which has the docker containers then was broken. Probably it got mixed. So I removed it and thought to dig in further, seeing if there are some tips. Maybe I went the wrong way.

Thanks everyone for the help.

I solved it for now. I can access it for I corrected the port binding. It didn’t have a host-ip. Now I put my host ip in the configuration file and can access the container through the host-ip on the configured port.